No More Tears And Tantrums, Give Great Teacher Gifts To Say Thanks (Teacher Gifts)

School is often hard, anyone who has ever entered a classroom knows that. However, at the end of the year, no matter how tough it's been you will probably have something to thank your teacher for. There are some great teacher gifts out there. It's a wonderful gesture to thank a teacher for a year of school with a present and the choices go way beyond a shiny red apple. Some are truly top class! Whether you have been a model student or a class clown this year, you are bound to want to thank your teacher for the year.

A great option if you want to buy your teacher presents yourself is a personalised present. This means you can spend under 10 pounds and still give a gift that is personal and unique. Surely that means more to a teacher than something extravagant such as a watch or fountain pen? A great place to start would be to think of something the teacher could really use. Mugs, calendars and key rings can all be personalised and cost under a tenner. A personalised calendar is something that can be used the following year and every time they mark down a school trip or a homework deadline, your teacher will remember you.

A notebook is always a good option when it comes to teachers' presents. There are a number of personalised notebooks, all for around a fiver. A Drama teacher might get a kick out of a notebook with a Hollywood star on the front, emblazoned with their name. There are also themed notebooks ideal for Art teachers, English teachers and Maths teachers along with more general school-themed notebooks.

Other personalised gifts that can be bought at pocket money prices include bars of chocolate that can be personalised in the same way as the notebooks. Nothing keeps your teacher sweeter than delicious milk chocolate, right? Even sweeter than that, there are a number of different jars of retro sweets which can have their labels personalised. With a jar of sweets that says thank you, you can guarantee that good exam results will be rewarded with the retro sweets within. Your teacher will remember you for all the right reasons if your thank you present is something they can use long after you've headed off to college, university and beyond.

An obvious option for your favourite female teacher would be a gorgeous bunch of flowers. They will look beautiful on a desk and what lady doesn't love to receive flowers? There are loads of alternative teacher gifts that have the same effect and last far longer than a week. If you know that your teacher is the green-fingered type then you can buy them a plant that they can plant themselves in the garden. For around 20 pounds you can buy a gift box that contains a unique pack of rose seeds that you can name yourself officially. The rose seeds are registered with the name you choose. Your Drama teacher could have a rose in their garden for years to come named the 'To Be Or Not To Be' rose variety.

If you would rather give a card to the teacher than a whole present there are loads of options for the front. From apples to alphabets, there are plenty of themed cards that will say thanks to your teacher. They can be personalised to include the teacher's name on the front, something that is far more memorable than an ordinary shop-bought standard card, although it costs the same. You can even turn the tables on the teacher and get them a personalised report card. This is actually just another thank you card but the front is designed to grade the teacher on their prowess this year in subjects such as patience, sense of humour and being firm but fair (of course, the grades are excellent). The report card has their name at the top and will be guaranteed to raise a smile. Not bad for less than 3 pounds! Combine a card with your personalised teacher gifts to make their day.

Finally, if you fancy splashing out on something that your teacher is positively guaranteed to give an A+ to, you can get them a bottle of personalised champagne. With a specially printed label that thanks them for a year of lovely learning it will make their academic year end with a bang - it will also give you the opportunity to smuggle alcohol into the school with no risk of a detention.


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